$100 Pledge – Sourdough Starter Kit


Complete Sourdough Starter kit and recipe booklet supports the filming and finishing of “My Sourdough Journey”.

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Get a sourdough starter kit, everything you need except the flour and water to make great sourdough bread and pizza at home.  It will continue to make starter as long as you feed it or let it hibernate.  Instructions included.

The kit includes a special version of sourdough yeast.  If you didn’t know it, wild yeast is very different than the much more active store bought yeast.  It needs to be fed and nurtured, but don’t worry it is easy.  More importantly with this sourdough starter kit you can make fresh bread and pizza dough just about any time you like.

My Sourdough Journey is a complete dive into the world of grain, bakers and bread.  Narrated by Scott Bourquin, a former gluten free eater, you will learn that gluten may not be the enemy.  Scott talks with “Pizzaiolo’s” from France, Italy, New York, California and even Washington.  He dives into what makes great pizza and what makes a profitable pizza.

The journey also looks at wheat and gluten itself.  Is gluten really the enemy Scott thought it was when he went on a gluten free diet?  Is Roundup the issue like many claim? It turns out that a pizza isn’t just a simple dish a guy delivers for $5.99 or you toss in the oven.  It really is an art form that spans from street food to gourmet kitchen around the world.

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