My Sourdough Journey Gets the Green Light

sourdough crust pizza

In the documentary My Sourdough Journey, Scott explores the world of great bread.

San Fransisco is of course famous for many things. One of them is the world famous sourdough bread. It is said that you can’t make that bread more than 50 miles from the city because the specific bacteria will die. Is that true? You’ll have to watch and find out.

If you are a viewer on you may recall that Scott did a video looking for the best gluten free pizza dough after he went gluten free. After testing several he found one that he really liked. That is until he learned that he didn’t have to be gluten free.

Scott gained enough weight that his agent told him he was “just average” and there was no work for him. He made a bet with his good friend Dr. Goldberg who also wanted to lose some weight. Dr. G advised that Scott used a Paleo-Keto style low carb diet and cut out all grains. He did and the weight dropped like it was painted on. His wife on the other hand gained weight trying the diet, so there was a flaw.

During the challenge with Dr. G Scott’s skin cleared up. At the celebration dinner, Scott had his first piece of bread in nearly four months. Within two hours his skin was itchy and he was well gassy. He hates when we tell that part of the story. Embarrassed he left the dinner. Dr. G later told him it is likely a gluten intolerance of some type. Which is likely is.

During a trip to France, Scott couldn’t resist and ate a “pain au chocolat” every morning. There was no itchy skin and no gas, so he moved on to other breads. All without any issues. He started talking to a baker in a pizza restaurant, aka a pizzaiolo, where he broke down and had real pizza for the first time in two years. Right then and there he said “gluten free sucks”.

The pizzaiolo told him that the secret in France is that they don’t use Roundup, and all grain in the US has roundup in it, even organic. While that isn’t quite true, many sources say Roundup is a problem. Even snopes which disputes the health claims acknowledges use of roundup just prior to harvest.

Anecdotal testing proved that wasn’t 100% Scott’s case. But the other thing the pizzaiolo said is that good breads must all rise for at least 24 hours if not a little longer. ” It makes it easier to digest” he told Scott. That turned out to be the most important part of the lesson and the beginning of Scott’s Sourdough Journey.

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