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Story Telling Through Video.

ArtSurf Productions LLC was established to tell the story of Art, Surfing, and the Surf Culture through film (ok UHD video). Over time we added COOLTOYS® TV and BeachStreetNews to our productions. It just made sense. We took over the video production of those channels to tell better stories beyond the scope of Hollywood. The funding for our productions comes from the support of people like you.

Visions, Our Beginning

When our founder decided to make a film about the culture of surf he didn’t have to travel far. His home in Huntington Beach California, aka Surf City put him in the right place. More importantly at the right time. Just as surfing became an Olympic Sport, and real wave pools began to pop up all over the world.

The Visions Movie is currently in production.


The Early Bum Gets the Wave Design Copyright 2019 ArtSurf Productions LLC

Originally produced by Paradise Landing Productions before the merge, COOLTOYS is a fun look at all the things your wife won’t approve of. CoolToys helps move us towards creating video for small businesses and promoting them. From the very beginnings, CoolToys was about exploring stories and new channels to share them.

As COOLTOYS grew into its’ own review show with a little comedy sprinkled on, CoolToys also added our first ever Roku channel. The show needed a regular setup, and it now has one at ArtSurf.


Phil Roberts Wave Park Concept
Phil Roberts Wave Park Concept

Like COOLTOYS, BeachStreetNews started out as a news channel for local Huntington Beach and SoCal businesses. Over time it became it’s own regular news magazine online. Sometimes called an e-zine. It too needed dedicated resources so the video production was moved to ArtSurf.

Both COOLTOYS TV and BeachStreetNews are now streaming on ROKU so you don’t have to watch on your smart phone. But you still can of course.

Paradise Landing Productions Merged. Paradise Landing Productions used to be wholly owned by the Bourquin Group. In November of 2020 we decided it made more sense to keep all video production under one roof. So now Paradise Landing Productions is part of ArtSurf Productions. The only difference is that Paradise Landing Productions was limited to Bourquin Group Customers. Now sponsors, donors and other ArtSurf Productions patrons can use the services for their businesses and events.

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