Visions: A Documentary Of Surf Culture

Telling The Story of The Artists That Created The Surf Culture

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ArtSurf Productions LLC is part of the Paradise Landing Productions Family and was established to tell the story of Art, Surfing, and the Surf Culture through film (ok UHD video).

The story is being produced documentary style with the story starting in the early 1900’s in Hawaii. The first question to be asked is: “Were the first surfers artists or surfers first?” The chicken or the egg question but for this case it comes down to the question of which came first, the surfboard or the surfer?

Who Was First, The Artist Or The Surfer

The first tribal artists that carved wood planks into surfboards became the first surfers. The story then takes us through the artists that created the style, look and brands that uniquely identify the Surf Culture beyond the people who actually surf. Have you ever thought someone was a surfer and they weren’t? 

You can buy just about every brand of surf clothing at Mall of America in Springfield Minnesota. That is about as far from the beach as you can get. Some call it the “skater style” but we all know it originated with surfers. Just ask the Beach Boys about sidewalk surfing.

A Story Of Artists Told By Surfers

The Early Bum Gets the Wave Design Copyright 2019 ArtSurf Productions LLC

The documentary is written, hosted and directed by Best Selling Author© and actor Scott Bourquin. And if you have watched anything on his series on you know Scott is also a surfer. Veteran documentary producers and directors Vito Trabuco and Craig Railsback are part of the team putting this story together as well.

In the 1900’s surfing was an unknown hobby of Hawaiian nobles. Today it is a culture that spans the globe. Today we think of Duke Kahanamoku as a surfer. If you look back at the news of the day, Duke was a world class swimmer with five Olympic gold medals. No one knew what surfing was back then. 

The Future Of The Surf Culture

Today surfing has infected the conscious of the world. Man made wave pools span the globe from California to Texas to Dubai to China. The surf culture has outlasted many other cultural movements, and not without dark moments.

Phil Roberts Wave Park Concept
Phil Roberts Wave Park Concept

You almost can’t go on vacation now and miss the influence of master artist Phil Roberts who’s first drawings of how waves worked led to modern wave pools. Sitting with the inventor of the flow rider Phil Roberts was able to draw the concept over lunch creating some of the first continuous flow waves. 

Wave pools are getting better thanks to the artists who can put the ideas to paper so others can build the parks. Phil Roberts has opened up the future of surfing even for the land locked lovers of surf.

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Writer/Director/Host – Scott Bourquin
First Assistant Director – Vito Trabuco
Director of Photography – Craig Railsback
Camera Operators – Derek Ellis, Keith Hilgenfeldt